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Friday, February 26, 2010

Repeal of Restaurant Ban Nears Final Votes

Late yesterday afternoon, the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee #1 recommended reporting SB334 (Senator Hanger's version of the "Restaurant Ban" repeal) and SB408 (Senator Vogel's bill allowing individuals that do not hold Concealed Handgun Permits -CHPs to carry firearms in locked containers in their car or boat) without amendments. This is important because that means, should they pass the full House in their current form, they will then head to the Governor for his signature. They first have to clear the full committee and that should happen next week.

Please call and email members of the Militia, Police, and Public Safety Committee and urge them to support SB334 and SB408.

On a related matter, Senate Courts of Justice will meet Monday morning, in addition to House versions of bills they have already passed before crossover, they still need to hear HB49, repeal of "One gun-a-month." The bill could come up on Monday's docket, or Wednesday (check back later today or Saturday for an update). It is important that you contact the following Senators now and politely urge them to support HB 49 when it comes up in committee:

Quayle, Norment, Edwards, Reynolds, Obenshain, McDougle, Deeds, Hurt, Petersen

Simply click on the name above to fine their contact information.


dleeg910 said...

Whats the status of the "Castle Doctrine" bill?

VSSA Legislative Chairman said...

It's waiting to be heard in the Senate as well. A full update on the status of the remaining bills will be posted by Saturday.

dleeg910 said...

Excellent... Thanks!