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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Progun bills on Senate Courts Docket

The Senate Courts of Justice docket for Wednesday's meeting has been posted and the following bills are scheduled to be heard:

HB 8 - Allows a person who previously has been issued a Virginia concealed handgun permit to submit an application to renew the permit via the United States mail.

HB 871 - Provides that upon denial of an application for a concealed handgun permit, the clerk shall provide the person with notice, in writing, of his right to an ore tenus hearing. The bill further provides that upon request of the applicant made within 21 days, the court shall place the matter on the docket for an ore tenus hearing. In addition, the bill provides that (i) the applicant may be represented by counsel, but counsel shall not be appointed; (ii) the rules of evidence shall apply; and (iii) the final order of the court shall include the court's findings of fact and conclusions of law.

In addition, Thursday evening's meeting of the Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee #1 will hear three bills - two pro gun and one anti-gun bill:

SB 334 - Allows a person with a concealed handgun permit to carry a concealed handgun onto the premises of a restaurant or club and prohibits such person from consuming alcoholic beverages while on the premises. A person who consumes alcohol in violation of the provisions of the bill is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

SB 408 - Creates a new exemption to the general prohibition against carrying concealed weapons by allowing a person who may lawfully possess a firearm to carry a handgun in a private motor vehicle or vessel if the handgun is locked in a container or compartment.

SB 580 - Provides that it is a Class 1 misdemeanor for a person under the age of 18 to possess on school property a weapon designed to expel a projectile at a speed of more than 250 feet per second by action of compressed air or gas, such as an airsoft gun. The prohibition expires in five years and does not apply to weapons with orange-tips.

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