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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gun Show Bill Carried Over to Next Year

Senate Bill 595 was carried over to next year. SB595 was the so-called gun show loophole bill. Being carried over puts the bill on life support but it will not move this year. There did not seem to be much appetite to deal with the bill, even among some of its previous supporters. Of note, one of the members voting to carry it over was Senator Creigh Deeds. Deeds had been an opponent of the annual bill until 2008. Switching to a supporter likely cost him the NRA's endorsement in last year's Governor's election and most certainly cost him the support of VSSA.

It also appears that Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holders will be able to renew by mail with the committee reporting SB 3. House Militia and Police also approved a companion bill allowing for renewal by mail.

No action was taken on SB 79, a bill that would strip the ability of localities to require fingerprints when an individual applies for a CHP.

While all of the bills reported still need to be approved by the full Senate, they have cleared the first hurdle.

It has been a good day for gun owners.

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