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Monday, February 15, 2010

Final Vote Set for Tuesday In House on Repeal of One Handgun a Month, Senate on Restaurant Ban

In the final day to act before Crossover, both the House and the Senate will be taking up important legislation on the floor Tuesday ("Crossover" is the day that both houses must act on legislation that originated in the respective body of the legislature and send it to the other house for action).

In the House of Delegates, the chamber will decide the fate of House Bill 49, a bill sponsored by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter to repeal the 17 year-old "one gun-a-month" law. Last Friday, the Virginia House of Delegates Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee voted 15-6 to report the bill to the full House. If the House passes HB49, it will move to the Senate.

The Senate will also be taking final action on an important piece of legislation, Senate Bill 334, Senator Emmett Hanger's bill to repeal the ban on carrying concealed handguns in restaurants like Applebees and Olive Garden that serve alcohol as well as food. Last Wednesday, the Senate reported the bill on a close vote of 8-7 and the same is expected when the bill is voted on in the full Senate. Should the bill pass the Senate, then it will likely become law as the House has already passed similar legislation on a vote of 67-27 and Governor Bob McDonnell has said he would sign a repeal of the ban.

Now is the time to act to make sure HB49 passes the House and SB334 passes the Senate. Contact your Delegate and Senator now by email and tomorrow before 10:00 AM by phone. You can find out your legislator's contact information by clicking here.

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