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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pro-rights Bills in General Assembly

The pre-filing time for the 2010 Session of the General Assembly continues. So far the bills being introduced related to firearms are pro-rights. I expect to see another attempt to end gun shows.

HB 8 Concealed handgun permits; renewal thereof by mail.
HB 26 Concealed handgun permit; documentation and information provided by applicant.
HB 32 Concealed handguns; possession by faculty members at state institutions of higher education.
HB 49 Handguns; repeals one-gun-a-month limitation.
HB 52 Concealed handgun permit; failure to produce upon demand of law-enforcement officer, penalty.
HB 54 Handgun; person with lawful possession may carry into courthouse used for non-judicial activities.
HB 69 Firearms, ammunition, etc.; those manufactured and retained in State not subject to federal law.
HB 72 Firearms; possession with intent to use on school property Class 1 misdemeanor.
HB 79 Concealed handgun permits; prohibits clerk of court from providing public access to applications.
HB 106 Carrying concealed handguns.
HB 108 Disposition of Firearms
HB 109 Certain firearms taxes; destruction of records.
HB 152 Electronic security employees; carrying concealed handguns.
SB 3 Concealed handgun permits; renewal thereof by mail.

Of note is HB 108 which again targets compensated confiscation schemes (so called "buy backs"). Governor Tim Kaine vetoed this last year. If we can get it through the Senate (this was no easy task last year) we should see the bill signed into law this year.

The General Assembly convenes on January 13th. This is the long session (60 Days).

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