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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bill Introduced To Give College Boards Power to Ban Firearms

Currently colleges and universities only have the power to control what their students and employees do related to regulating firearms on campus. But if a parent comes on campus to visit, and that parent has a concealed handgun permit, the institution has no power to prevent the parent from carrying while on the campus according to a 2006 Attorney General's Opinion. Delegate Luke Torian (D-Woodbridge) has introduced a bill (HB 1271) that would change that.

The 2006 opinion, issued by then Attorney General Bob McDonnell states:

Governing boards of Virginia’s public colleges and universities may not impose general prohibition on carrying of concealed weapons by permitted individuals.
Pursuant to specific grants of statutory authority, however, colleges and universities may regulate conduct of students and employees to prohibit them from carrying concealed weapons on campus.
HB 1271 would give the Board of Visitors or other governing body of a college or university the power to establish rules and regulations for the possession or transportation of firearms or ammunition by anyone on property owned or operated by the institution.

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