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Monday, December 14, 2009

State Firearms Association Amicus Brief in McDonald v Chicago

Late last month the amicus brief that VSSA joined in support of McDonald in the Chicago gun ban case was filed. You can read the brief here. You can see all of the briefs filed in support of McDonald by clicking here.

Other briefs of note include the Members of Congress brief, which was signed by both Sens. Warner and Webb, and all of Virginia's Representatives except Bobby Scott (D-VA3) and Gerald "Gerry" Connolly (D-VA11), the State Legislators brief, signed on to by the following Virginia Delegates and State Senators:
Bill Carrico, State Delegate
Mark Cole, State Delegate
Morgan Griffith, State Delegate
Emmett Hanger, Jr., State Senate
Edd Houck, State Senate
Bill Howell, State Delegate
Robert Hurt, State Senate
Bill Janis, State Delegate
Johnny Joannou, State Delegate
Bob Marshall, State Delegate
Steve Martin, State Senate
Stephen Newman, State Senate
Dave Nutter, State Delegate
Chap Petersen, State Senate
Phillip Preston Prickett, State Senate
Preston Puckett, State Senate
Edward Scott, State Delegate
Beverly Sherwood, State Delegate
Ralph Smith, State Senate
Frank Wagner, State Senate

and Academics for the Second Amendment brief. Also check out the brief filed by Dave Kopel on behalf of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers, and the NRA brief filed by VSSA's own Stephen Halbrook.

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