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Monday, October 26, 2009

"Terrorists and Felons Getting Guns" New Mantra of Anti-gun Crowd

Last week the Virginia Center for Public Safety (VCPS) joined forces with the Brady Campaign to issue a press release targeting former Attorney General Bob McDonnell, charging that he supported "Terrorists and Felons" being able to purchase firearms because he opposes attempts by the anti-rights crowd to impose background checks on the private transfer of firearms.

I opened up my email earlier today and VCPS has issued another alert - this time urging their supporters not to let the handful of Virginia mayors who have signed on with Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), to be "harassed and intimidated" by gun rights advocates who disagree with the agenda of the Bloomberg group. The NRA recently urged gun owners to let your voice be heard by calling, e-mailing and writing your mayor if you live in one of these cities and asking him or her to support law-abiding gun owners by publicly disassociating with Michael Bloomberg and "Mayors Against Illegal Guns." The VCPS alert said:

The Virginia Center for Public Safety hopes all Virginians, liberal, moderate, and conservative, will help us stand up to these extremists, who while cloaking themselves in the veil of law and order, are perfectly satisfied with felons, terrorists, and the mentally disturbed having easy, unscrutinized access to guns, including military-grade weapons, as long as they do too.

For the second time in two weeks they have equated those of us who oppose restricting the private sale of firearms with supporting access to firearms by felons and terrorists, and this time adding the mentally disturbed to their list. Oh, and we want these disqualified individuals to also have access to "military-grade weapons." I guess that's the new term for "assault weapons."

I have no doubt that from this time forward, every press release and email this group sends will include the mantra "Terrorists, Felons, and Mentally Disturbed."

The Virginia Mayors who have joined MAIGs are:

Mayor William Euille
Alexandria, VA

Mayor Brenda Pelham
Hopewell, VA

Mayor Paul D. Fraim
Norfolk, VA

Mayor Annie M. Mickens
Petersburg, VA

Mayor James W. Holley III
Portsmouth, VA

Mayor Dwight C. Jones
Richmond, VA

Help your mayor make the right choice between protecting your Second Amendment rights or continuing to be associated with those who actively oppose and undermine your firearms freedom by calling or writing them today.

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