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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday's Deeds-McDonnell Debate

Last night the candidates for Governor debated at the Richmond studio of public broadcasting studio WCVE. The topic of firearms came up and as has been the case all year, McDonnell stood with law abiding gun owners on the issue of private sales at gun shows and Deeds sided with the tragedy peddlers by tying gun shows to the Virginia Tech shooting. CQ Politics reported this exchange:

One issue on which the candidates showed common ground was firearms. Both said they believed in the right to bear arms. They parted, though, on the real-world application of that right — especially on how, if elected governor, each would frame state law to avoid a repeat of the shooting at Virginia Tech.

Deeds said that he worked to close the so-called “gun show loophole” after the 2007 slayings and would accomplish the task as governor. McDonnell said that he worked to improve the state’s mental health statutes after the shooting and is opposed to “regulating the private sale of firearms.”

McDonnell has not backed down and has shown he clearly understands that gun shows played no role in the tragic shootings in 2007. It has been said before on this site; if Deeds can be sucked in by the anti-rights crowd on with a completely emotional argument when it comes to private sales at gun shows, can we trust the same will not happen on say, the repeal of the restaurant ban or handgun rationing?

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