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Monday, October 5, 2009

Deeds: "I reserve the grow as a person"

The Washington Examiner ran an editorial yesterday about Democratic candidate for Governor Creigh Deeds, where they tick off a list of tactics Deeds has used to smear Republican Bob McDonnell instead of clearly staking out positions on issues of substance. Embedded in the editorial is this quote from Deeds that should give gun owners pause:

In March, when questioned about his apparent change of heart on hot-button issues like abortion, taxes and guns, Deeds told fellow Democrats that he “reserves the right to change his opinions and grow as a person”...

This brings to mind Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen who after being pro-rights as a congressman and promising the NRA he would sign a repeal of the ban on carrying concealed handguns in restaurants, vetoed the repeal earlier this year. The legislature overrode the veto.

Deeds has much the same record as a state legislator as Bredesen did before becoming Tennessee's governor. If Deeds becomes governor, would he follow the Tennessee governor in "growing as a person?" Gun owners should not take the chance.

Contact Bob McDonald's campaign today and see how you can help elect him as Virginia's next governor.

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