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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brady's Helmke Not Worried About Chicago Case

Poor Paul Helmke. He took over the helm of the Brady Campaign at a time when one gun control initiative after another disappeared. First the Brady three day waiting period evaporated into the "instant check." Then the so-called assault weapons ban expired. Handgun rationing was repealed in South Carolina. No gun control bill has passed congress since 1994. The D.C. gun ban is overturned. Obama signs a bill that includes a repeal of the ban on carrying firearms in national parks. A rider is attached to legislation giving D.C. a voting representative in congress that would force D.C. to comply with the Heller Decision by removing many of the roadblocks they have placed in front of people wishing to own a firearm, causing the legislation to be pulled from consideration. Now, the Supreme Court may overturn a gun ban imposed by a major U.S. city and Helmke tells the Dallas Morning News:

It's not that worrisome.

That's right. Paul Helmke and the Brady Campaign doesn't worry that overturning a gun ban in a major U.S. city will have any impact on other gun bans around the country. Keep telling yourself that Paul.

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