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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bloomberg At It Again

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his dealer entrapment scheme was unceremoniously booted from Virginia in 2007 by then Attorney General Bob McDonnell. Undaunted by this set back, Bloomberg turned his attention to gun shows in other states. So reports this story from today's NY Daily News.

Bloomberg sent his team of "private investigators" to Ohio, Nevada and Tennessee. He used the same tactics at the gun shows that he did to entrap Virginia gun dealers.

The undercover investigators - whose work has been forwarded to federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officials - used hidden cameras to catch gun show sellers making shady deals.

Hidden-camera video of buys made in the city's $1.5 million investigation is to be screened at a City Hall news conference Wednesday.

In the case of unlicensed or "private" dealers, the agents got to the point of buying the gun - and then asked if the seller performed background checks.

If not, the agents informed the seller that they were relieved, because they probably couldn't pass one.

When it came to licensed dealers, who are required to perform background checks, the agents used a different tactic: One agent would get up to the point of purchase and then bring in another agent, or "straw purchaser," to fill out the paperwork and buy the gun.

Only one dealer refused to sell the weapon once the second agent came into the picture, mayoral aides said.
Bloomberg has no other desire than to try and put gun dealers (or anyone selling a gun) in the worst light possible and he has a lot of money to see that he is successful. If someone breaks the law they should have to pay the price. There are already laws against selling to people that aren't allowed to buy a firearm. We don't need to pass a law putting gun shows out of business to address this. Bloomberg is a media whore that is using his billions to focus on what he perceives to be the problem and completely blow it out of proportion using a few isolated incidents.

Gun dealers need to be aware that they are in Bloomberg's crosshairs and make sure they don't fall into his trap.

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