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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anti-Rights Crowd Dump on McDonnell

With just 14 days left in this year's gubernatorial campaign, the anti-rights crowd has finally unleashed their dogs against Bob McDonnell. First it was the release of a poll by Christopher Newport University that claims a majority of Virginians want stricter gun laws. This was followed up by a press release from Virginians for Public Safety that carried this sensational headline:

Bob McDonnell Content to Let Felons, Terrorists, Buy Firearms at Gun Shows

The only thing that the group can offer to support such a preposterous claim is the one sided ABC 20/20 report from earlier this year where the brother of a victim of the Virginia Tech shootings claims to have purchased 10 firearms without a background check within an hour of arriving at a Richmond Gun Show. Just to refresh your memory should you have forgotten - Omar Samaha was able to pull off this stunt because ABC equipped him with $5000. I would still like to know if among those ten firearms he is said to have purchased were more than one handgun because if that is the case, he broke the law with the assistance of ABC. You see, Virginia's handgun rationing law applies to private sales as well as sales carried out through an FFL.

I find it interesting that these are the same folks that did not want Creigh Deeds to be the Democratic nominee and a group identifying themselves as family members of the Virginia Tech Victims even sent an email to anti-rights supporters the day before the Democratic Primary asking them not to vote for Creigh Deeds.

"The only individuals benefiting from loose gun laws in the Commonwealth are
criminals, terrorists, and other dangerous individuals," said Virginians for
Public Safety President Jim Sollo. "Bob McDonnell needs to decide what is more important to him: half a million dollars in NRA PAC money or the safety of Virginia residents."
Gun owners cannot let these tactics decide who becomes Virginia's next Governor. With just two weeks left, we need every gun owner to do something to help elect Bob McDonnell. Please volunteer some time between now and November 3rd to walk some neighborhoods, work phone banks, and most importantly, vote.

You can find the campaign office near you by clicking here.

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