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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Suffolk City Council Makes No Changes to Rifle Regulations

After hearing from three citizens at last night's meeting, the Suffolk City Council decided to make no change to the rifle regulations currently in affect in the City.

Council voted unanimously to institute the same law the state had in its code last year.

According to the Suffolk News-Hearld:

The ordinance states rifles of any caliber for the hunting of bear and deer in the city will be prohibited except in the Great Dismal Swamp. It also is unlawful to discharge a firearm or air gun of .177 caliber or larger in a densely populated area, within 100 yards of any structure used as a residence, business or storage facility without the permission of the owner; within 100 yards of any public street, except at a permitted firing range; or at or upon the property of another without permission.

VSSA will continue to monitor this and let gun owners know if their action is needed in the future.

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