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Monday, August 3, 2009

Virginia Beach Councilman Wants Permit to Sell Firearms

The Pilot Online reported Saturday that Virginia Beach Councilman Bill DeSteph has applied to the city for a permit to sell firearms out of a Great Neck home he will be moving into this summer. According to the Pilot, DeSteph is a gun collector and he now wants to expand his hobby into a business.

One neighbor the Pilot spoke with said he is not in favor of the idea, but, at least said he would want it know the complete details before taking a "strong stand."

Alice Mountjoy, a local anti-rights activist with the Virginia Center for Public Safety, injected her little talking point into the story when asked about it. It was clear that DeSteph's intention is to run a business - which means he is required to apply for a Federal Firearms License. Mounjoy said in reference to DeSteph applying for an FFL:

It's a good thing. A lot of people are selling from their private collections without any license all. He'll have to do background checks. The thing I'd be concerned about if I was a neighbor is who is coming to buy these guns.

Mountjoy knows full well that anyone doing business must have an FFL. People just selling a firearm from time to time from their private collection is not in business. And, DeSteph plans to have a specialized clientele.

Here's hoping Councilman DeSteph is successful in obtaining his permit from the city.

Hat tip to NRANews

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