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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stephen Stromberg, NRA, and Armed Protestors

Well, Stephen Stromberg of the Washington Post's "Post Partisan" blog has weighed in on the armed citizens showing up at presidential events and he thinks the NRA needs to tell the armed masses to cease and desist.

If the NRA were to take that commitment seriously, why wouldn’t the organization loudly discourage gun owners from, say, bringing loaded weapons to a presidential town hall, as several did recently? Or from threatening the president while wearing a packed leg holster?

I don't recall any of these people "threatening" the president.

Stromberg also is not pleased that Obama's official mouthpiece (no not the Teleprompter - his spokesman Robert Gibbs) did not discourage these displays, writing that the NRA "cowed" the White House into defending the activists. Yesterday Gibbs said:

There are laws that govern firearms that are done state or locally. Those laws don't change when the president comes to your state or locality.

Stromberg doesn't score any points with me by classifying citizens who carry firearms in public as "nut jobs." I've already written about whether I think they help our cause doing it as they have in these high profile incidents but I don't believe they are "nut jobs."

The fact that Stromberg tries to puff up his "post partisan" creds by telling us he is an "Eagle Scout trained in firearm use" doesn't change the fact that such broad brush portrayals demonstrate that he probably thinks that firearms are probably best left out of the hands of the individual citizen.

NRA has done the right thing to stay out of it and Gibbs' comments yesterday reinforces that view.

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