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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is MSNBC Becoming the Mouthpiece for Gun Control Crowd?

The following headline from a story on MSNBC's web site Saturday pretty much answers the question:

Complaints over gun law follow Obama on tour
Less restrictive firearms measure just ‘one hiccup’ in president’s agenda

That was how the NBC cable news outlet started a story about President Obama's family vacation trip to Yellowstone National Park over the weekend. It appears that only MSNBC heard the criticism from gun control proponents and parks advocates metaphorically trailing behind the Obamas on their trip for allowing firearms into such majestic places as this. I have to admit, I thought that most of the other news outlets were reporting about criticism of Obama's health care reform efforts.

The anti-carry in parks portion of the story took up the first half of the story and the rest was about the Obama's oohing and ahhing about Old Faithful.

Apparently, Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign has a direct line to MSNBC. Add this to the Chris Matthews meltdown over the guy carrying outside the Obama NH townhall and the story I posted about yesterday, you get the sense that MSNBC is the choice for the anti-rights crowd when it comes to reporting their news. Makes sense. No one watches MSNBC and few reporters show up to Brady Campaign press conferences so it's a match made in Heaven.

Hat tip to David Codrea.

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