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Monday, July 27, 2009

WaPo Article on Candidate's Position on Guns Pushes Gun Show Loophole

Today's Washington Post ran an article on the Virginia Gubernatorial Race suggesting that the two candidates were dueling over who is the more pro-gun. What the article turned out to be was one more piece pushing for an end to the so-called "gun show loophole."

Walking the jam-packed aisles of Virginia's biggest gun show, Richard Begay carried a .30-06 Sauer hunting rifle and a hand-lettered cardboard sign on his back asking $1,199.

Unlike the federally licensed firearms dealers at tables nearby, Begay, 72, an occasional seller, can peddle the slick-looking rifle legally without a background check to any interested adult he meets at the show in Chantilly. To him, it's his right. To others, it's a potential disaster.

The article did detail how both Democrat Creigh Deeds and Republican Bob McDonnell have pro-gun records, while Bob McDonnell no longer sees the need for the 1993 handgun rationing bill for which he voted (and Deeds opposed) Deeds wants to end private sales at gun shows after being lobbied by the families of the Virginia Tech shooting victims, while McDonnell rightly says gun shows had nothing to do with the Virginia Tech shootings.

Clearly 3/4 of the article was dedicated to the gun show issue and very little with the "who's more pro-gun" angle touted by the article title. You'd have to pay attention to the secondary article title to get a hint at the real message of the article.

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