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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Virginian Pilot Report on Guns and Ammo Sales

The Virginian Pilot's Joanne Kimberlin wrote this story on the increase in guns and ammo sales. Even though numbers seem to indicate that gun sales may have hit their peek, you can still find stories like the Pilot's in newspapers around the country that offer a local flavor to what has been a big story nationally since the election. And, with all those new firearms in the hands of the public, this leads to an increased need for ammo to use in them.

Robert Marcus of Bobs Gun Shop in Norfolk told Kimberlin he has seen some record days in the shop's 64 years in business and firearms has been a big part of that, but what he has seen in the desire for ammo this time around seems to be an "insatiable" thirst.

Robert House, owner of Classic Firearms in Virginia Beach said he has never seen anything like the current level of ammunition sales.

Kimberlin reports that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not contributed to the ammo shortages as many believe, because the military has a dedicated supply chain for ammo.

No, she says politics are to blame - the politics of a President who before election made it very clear he is no friend of gun owners. Since taking office, he has gone to great pains to avoid talking about new gun restrictions. Virginia's political guru, Larry Sabato told Kimberlin that from his perch watching Congress, he sees not desire to take up gun control legislation.

Sabato is probably right. But that does not mean gun owners should not remain vigilant.

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