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Thursday, July 30, 2009

National Review Profile of Creigh Deeds

Jim Geraghty has a profile of Democratic Candidate for Governor Creigh Deeds today on National Review Online. He details how Deeds' rural background and his campaigning as a moderate is sometimes at odds with reality. In other words, Deeds sometimes appears to swerve away from principle when it serves his political ambitions. For instance:

More fundamentally, Deeds’s perception of what’s best for his district shifted dramatically leftward when he started preparing to run for governor. He knew that to win the Democratic primary, he would have to appeal to voters in the significantly more liberal northern suburbs. During his run for attorney general in 2005, by contrast, he won the nomination without a primary, so he could tailor his message for a bipartisan statewide audience all along. Deeds’s ads that year touted his "conservative values”: teaching abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage as “moral obligations and not matters of personal opinion or personal choice”; putting before the voters a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage; broadly defined Second Amendment rights; and a ban on partial-birth abortion. Now he says supporting the gay-marriage vote was “a mistake,” he opposes all limits on abortion, and he supports closing the “gun show loophole” on firearms sales, citing the Virginia Tech shootings — even though the shooter in that tragedy did not purchase his weapons at a gun show, so even if the proposed restriction had been in effect, it would not have prevented the massacre. It is unlikely that the Creigh Deeds of 2005 would recognize the Creigh Deeds of 2009, much less vote for him.

SurveyUSA released poll results yesterday showing Republican Bob McDonnell with a 15 point lead. I am a little skeptical of the poll results as this is the same poll that showed McCain beating Obama in Virginia last year. And remember, Deeds was far behind the pack in the primary before winning 50% of the vote in a three way race.

There is a long time between now and November 3rd.

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