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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Campaign 2009

Links to the candidates for Governor (both Republican and Democrat) have been added to the Campaign 2009 links on the right of the blog. You will note there are no links to either of the Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor or Attorney General. There are two good reasons for this. First, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and State Senator Cuccinelli, the Republican candidates for Lt. Gov. and Attorney General respectively, both have NRA "A" ratings and were endorsed for their nominations by VSSA.

In the case of the Democrat running for Lt. Governor, Jody Wagner, she has not held elective office and therefore has no record on issues important to gun owners. She did however fail to respond to the NRA-ILA candidate questionnaire when she ran for congress. That (at least to me) indicates she is at best indifferent to gun owners and at the worse, hostile to gun owners.

In the case of the Democrat running for Attorney General, in 2007, Delegate Steve Shannon had a "C" rating from the NRA. The second reason the links to their websites are not included is that neither candidate mentions the 2nd Amendment on their web sites (for that matter neither does Creigh Deeds). Deeds however does have a voting record on issues important to gun owners (though he stabbed us a couple of times last session).

At such time as VSSA makes endorsements, only the candidate receiving an endorsement will be listed on the VSSA blog.

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