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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anti-gun Anti-Deeds Ad

Found this on YouTube. There is no way to identify who put the ad together but it uses a mailer that was sent out against Deeds and the voice in the interview is Brian Moran. The mailer uses the typical anti- language of "guns in bars" to hit Deeds for his support of repealing the restaurant ban.

To be clear - VSSA has not endorsed in this race. I have provided information of value to gun owners who want to vote their rights today. Deeds is not perfect. He has been duped into attacking gun shows by those who use any tragedy to advance the cause of the anti-rights crowd. But we know that Moran is a politician that will say and do what he thinks will help him get elected.

When Moran thought it was just going to be Deeds and himself running for Governor, he changed his voting patterns on 2nd Amendment issues so he could appear to be like Mark Warner and appeal to areas outside of northern Virginia. When McAuliffe jumped in, Moran had to run to the left in hopes of holding his home area in the primary.

While I am unable to determine who sent the mailer about Deed's record on firearm issues that is used in the web ad, one of the issues the mailer hit Deeds on was his vote that prevented localities from regulating firearms by policy or ordinance (pre-emption bill HB 530 in 2004). Interesting enough, then Delegate Brian Moran voted for that bill too.

The ad also hits Deeds for voting against Doug Wilder's handgun rationing law (one gun-a-month) in 1993. Yet in 2004, Moran voted for the first partial roll back of the law - HB 404, sponsored by Delegate Bill Janis (a VSSA member). HB 404 exempts concealed handgun permit holders from Wilder's handgun rationing law.

So, it seems that Moran votes with gun owners when it may benefit him, but when he needs to appeal to the left in hopes of winning an election, he will throw our rights overboard.

Update: Omar Samaha and Colin Goddard representing the families of the Virginia Tech shooting victims are encouraging people to vote ABC (Anybody But Creigh) today.

Hat tip to NotLarrySabato.

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