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Friday, May 1, 2009

Bill Janis Needs Our Help

Delegate Bill Janis, a true friend of Virginia gun owners, needs our help. He is facing a serious challenge from James Towey, the former head of the Virginia Crime Commission.

Every election year you hear candidates say 'This is the most important election ever...' Well, this year is no exception and it could very well be true. The anti-rights crowd is making a major push to make gun control an issue in a statewide election for the first time in over 15 years. That's why we need to help our friends now. We can't wait until September to begin our work to support our friends. It could take just a swing of just a hand full of seats to put the anti-rights crowd in control of the House of Delegates and our firewall against gun control will be lost.

If you live in the 56th House of Delegates District (parts of Henrico County and all of Louisa and Goochland counties) or if you live in the Richmond area and just want to help a pro-rights candidate, please contact Delegate Janis to see how you can help.

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