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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NY Times Laments "American Way"

In this morning's New York Times, Op-Ed columnist Bob Herbert laments what he calls the "American Way" - multiple deaths caused by the evil firearm. Herbert recounts the shootings in recent weeks - shootings carried out by very troubled people for a variety of reasons from the economy to people making fun of the way the shooter (an immigrant) talked.

I wish just once one of these guys would write to complain about the lenient sentencing in cities with major crime problems as the reason they experience so much crime.

Herbert then goes on to blame the NRA and what he terms "so-called conservative" legislators whose "goal is to get ever more guns into the hands of ever more people." He even calls out Texas for considering a bill to allow concealed guns on college campuses.

This is just one more example in the last week of the media trying to do what the Obama Administration up until now has been avoiding - using high profile crimes to push their agenda to restrict the rights of law abiding gun owners.

From the Katie Couric interview of Attorney General Eric Holder, the Diane Sawyer 20/20 hit piece on gun shows and concealed carry, to the 60 Minutes piece on the increase in gun sales and gun shows, all of this is to try and paint guns and gun shows (though the 6o Minutes piece to a lessor extent) in the worst possible light in order to try and get the public to clamour for more gun control.

Problem is, according to the Gallup Poll, support for gun control is at an all-time low. But we need to remain vigilant. Remember, Senator Diane Feinstein didn't say she was giving up on banning semi-automatic firearms - just that she was going to do it when she thinks the time is right.

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