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Friday, March 27, 2009

Kaine Vetos Restaurant Carry

Not only did Governor Tim Kaine veto SB1035 that would have allowed you and me to carry concealed in Applebees, he vetoed SB877 - a bill allowing retired law enforcement to carry concealed in restaurants like Applebees that happen to serve alcohol along with food.

This is after having signed a bill last year that allows Commonwealth Attorneys to carry concealed in restaurants. Mind you SB1035 prohibited consuming alcohol while carrying. Last year, Kaine allowed Commonwealth Attorneys to drink while carrying concealed in restaurants.

I guess this means the only people Tim Kaine trusts are lawyers while thumbing his nose at law enforcement, you, and me.

Update: Kaine also vetoed the following bills -

HB1851, which would have exempted active duty service members in Virginia from the state’s limit of purchasing one handgun a month.

SB1528, which would have allowed training required for a concealed weapons permit to be completed online.

HB2528, which would placed some much needed sunshine on compensated gun confiscation schemes (gun buybacks).

More information to follow.

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