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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DC Voting Rights Act Still on Hold

I posted earlier this week that the House postponed action on the DC Voting Rights Act because pro-rights Democrats may push to include a pro-rights amendment aimed at requiring DC to abide by the Heller Decision and strip much of the new regulations the city imposed on anyone wishing to own a firearm. As of today, no vote has been scheduled.

The Hill reported late yesterday that House Leadership has offered the NRA a stand alone bill on DC gun rights. The problem is, there would be no incentive for the Senate to take up the bill and it would flounder as it did last year when the House passed a bill expanding the rights of DC residents only to see it die of inaction in the Senate. But with the gun rights amendment, the DC Voting Rights Act will likely die as pro-rights Republicans who want to abide by the constitution when it comes to giving DC a representative in Congress would join with anti-rights Democrats who don't want DC residents to own firearms.

Politics at its best.

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