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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's General Assembly Calendar

Bills on the floor in the Senate today.

Third Reading and final passage:

HB 2528 -Delegate Mark Cole's bill targeting "compensated confiscation" schemes is on the Senate Calendar again today for a final vote. This bill passed yesterday 21 - 18 in the form that it passed the House. Later in the day's session, Senator Stolle moved to reconsider the vote. This is always approved as a courtesy. Then Senator Stolle offered an amendment that gutted the bill. It should be noted that Stolle voted for the original bill. This amendment was approved and then it was passed by for the day. VSSA opposes the amendment and if the bill passes the Senate in this form, we will urge Delegate Cole to reject the amendment and force the bill into a conference committee to fix it. (Regular Calendar)

UPDATE - The amended HB2528 passed the Senate 28Y-12N and now heads back to the House for acceptance or rejection of the amended bill. If they reject the amendment the Senate can insist on the amendment and ask that it go to conference.

HB 1851 - Delegate Lingamfelter's bill exempting active duty military from handgun rationing (one handgun a month). (Regular Calendar) UPDATE - Passed 31Y - 8N.

HB 2144 - Delegate Nutter's bill codifying the AG’s opinion that closed the concealed handgun permit (CHP) list from dissemination by the Virginia State Police. The information will still be available at individual circuit courts. (Uncontested Calendar) UPDATE - Passed Senate 40 - 0

HB 2178 - Delegate Ed Scott's bill related to convicted felons possessing ammunition. The bill was amended in committee making possession a felony instead of a misdemeanor as it passed the House. (Uncontested Calendar) UPDATE - Passed Senate 40 - 0. The bill now heads back to the House to accept or reject the Senate amendment to the bill.

Bills likely to go to a conference committee due to action that amended the bills from the way it passed the house of introduction:

SB1035 - Senator Hanger's repeal of the restaurant ban passed the House yesterday 66 to 33. The notification provision in the Senate version was removed. The bill now goes back to the Senate. I have been told that Senator Hanger is okay with the amendment so he may move that the Senate accept it. If the Senate indeed accepts the amendment, the bill will start the process of going to the Governor for consideration. I have no illusion that the Governor intends to act any differently than he did last year so we must pound the phones and emails to the Governor's office once the bill has final legislative approval and urge him to sign it this year. (Supplemental Calendar 1 Unfinished Business). UPDATE - Senate approved House amendment 22Y - 16N. Bill goes to Governor.

SB1513 - Senator Smith's bill requiring the awarding of court costs when an entity whens court action against a local ordinance or resolution passed in conflict with the Commonwealth’s preemption statute. Yesterday, the language added by the Senate gutting the bill (making the awarding of court costs permissive rather than mandating the award) was removed and the bill passed 84 to 13. The bill now heads back to the Senate to see if they will agree to drop their change. The bill is not back in the form that Senator Smith introduced so he will likely move to accept the change. If the full Senate does not agree, the bill will head to a conference committee. (Supplemental Calendar 1 Unfinished Business). UPDATE -Senate rejected House amendment (9-Y 28-N)

HB1655 - Delegate Carrico's companion bill to SB 1513. The House yesterday rejected the Senate language gutting the bill 81 to 18. The bill is now goes back to Senate to see if they will insist on their change. If they insist on the change, the bill will head to a conference committee.

UPDATE - Senator Marsh, Chairman of Senate Courts of Justice insisted on amendments to HB1655 and the Senate concurred 35Y - 5N, requesting a conference committee.

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