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Friday, February 27, 2009

Pelosi Tells Holder Not so Fast

Yesterday, The Hill newspaper reported, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi "tossed cold water" on Attorney General Eric Holder's statement that Obama wants to reinstate the "assault weapons ban."

The White House also declined to comment on Holder's remarks, referring reporters to the Department of Justice. DOJ did not return phone calls to The Hill reporter. How quickly our friends scurry when we get off message. President Obama wants to concentrate on nationalizing the American economy and Holder is out there talking about banning guns.

National Shooting Sports Foundation senior vice president, Larry Keane said in a statement "It appears gun owners' fears were well-founded given Attorney General Holder's comment that the Obama Administration will seek new restrictions on gun owners."

Gun owners would be unwise to take Pelosi at her word. Jim Shepherd reported in this morning's Shooting Wire that word is circulating on Capitol Hill the administration is looking for ways to bring the United States in line with the United Nations (UN) view of firearms ownership. VSSA's Executive Director, Lu Charette, shared similar thoughts with me yesterday - that gun owners should be concerned about the UN finally getting their way on this issue based on Holder's comments about renewing the ban being positive for Mexico. Lu is right. Regardless of what one believes about the Bush years, for eight years he kept the UN dogs at bay. Four of those years, gun owners had a friend in Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who describe herself as a "Second Amendment Absolutist."

Wayne LaPierre outlined this morning in his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) a number of the ways that the Obama administration could attack our rights. will have Mr. LaPierre's speech up in their video archives by the end of the day and I highly recommend watching it.

Below is NRANews coverage of the Holder comments and Wayne LaPierre's response from the program Wednesday night.

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