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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Media Still Obessed with Clinton Replacement's Pro-Rights Stand

New York Newsday reports today that newly appointed U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has moved the firearms she stored under her bed for self-defense in her upstate New York home. She disclosed she had firearms under her bed in an interview with Newsday last Thursday. A Newsday story on the interview ran Monday, prompting reactions by advocates for gun rights and gun control. The Newsday story on the interview ran yesterday, and prompted reactions by both pro-rights and anti-rights advocates.

The media and the anti-rights crowd seem intent on hounding Gillibrand about her pro-rights stand until they can get her to retract her past support for the Constitution. I don't remember a single story about her that does not either mentions her pro-rights stand or the National Rifle Association "A" rating.

Republican Representative Peter King, who has said he might run against Gillibrand, joked, to Newsday "With Kirsten Gillibrand keeping two rifles under the bed and Chuck Schumer being so anti-gun, Schumer and Gillibrand have to be the Senate's oddest couple."

King might have a point. Hopefully Gillibrand will stand on principle and not allow her detractors to cause her to weaken her support for our firearms freedoms.

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