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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gun Show Loophole Bills Dies

Only Senator Chuck Colgan changed his vote on the final tally from yesterday's vote to today. Today's vote was 19-21. SB1257 is officially dead for the session. Thanks to all gun owners who contacted their senators and urged them to stand with gun owners. If you live in the district of Senator's Stosch or Watkins, please be sure to contact them and thank them as the anti-rights crowd targeted them last night.

NRA News with Cam Edwards

Daily News with Ginny Simone -

1 comment:

James said...

Hi, I have contacted my Senator (Senator Richard H. Stuart) multiple times during the voting to oppose SB1257. I am having difficulty in finding how he voted in the end. I did find something where, if I understand it correctly, he voted to "resurrect" the bill.

Is it possible you can lead me to a source that has the up to date tally?

Thank you in advance.