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Monday, February 23, 2009

Compensated Gun Confiscation Bill on Final Vote in Senate

HB 2528, Delegate Mark Cole's bill targeting "compensated confiscation" schemes is on the Senate Calendar today for a final vote. UPDATE - Passed by for the Day

In the House, the following bills are on Second Reading in the House (to be moved on to final vote Tuesday).

SB 1035, Senator Hanger's bill repealing the "restaurant ban". UPDATE - Read second time

SB 1383, Senator Stolle's bill repealing Virginia's statute related to firearm silencers. Federal would still apply (uncontested calendar). UPDATE - Read second time

SB 1513, Senator Smith's bill awarding court costs, etc., to entity that prevails in action challenging locality that pass ordinances in violation of preemption. UPDATE - Read second time

SB 1528, Senator Cuccinelli's bill making it clear that the required training for a concealed handgun permit may be on-line training. (uncontested calendar) UPDATE - Read second time

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