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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Call Your Senator Now on Gun Show Bill

The vote on SB 1257 is going to be close and your help is needed now!!! Email your Senator, especially Senator's Houck and Quayle and urge them to vote no.

Update: SB 1257 was passed by for the day. This gives us one more day so bang the phones and call your senator and email them now. You need to focus on the following senators:

Harry B. Blevins - Senator Blevins has voted pro-gun more times than not. If you live in his district urge him to stand with law-abiding gun owners and oppose this bill.
Ken T. Cuccinelli, II
R. Creigh Deeds - Senator Deeds crossed over and voted the wrong way on this bill after having received "A" ratings from NRA in the past. He is now running for Governor. Urge him to oppose this bill.
John S. Edwards
Emmett W. Hanger, Jr.
R. Edward Houck -Senator Houck has been reliably pro-gun. Please call him and thank him for his past support and urge him to stand with law abiding gun owners agains.
Robert Hurt
Stephen H. Martin
Ryan T. McDougle
Stephen D. Newman
Thomas K. Norment, Jr. - Senator Norment has been all over the map on this bill. He voted against it last year but voted for it this year. He claims to be pro-gun so if you live in his district please call him and urge him to stand with gun owners.
Mark D. Obenshain
Phillip P. Puckett - Senator Puckett has been a reliable pro-gun vote in the past but only earned a "C" rating from the NRA in the 2007 election. Please call and email him to urge he stand with law abiding gun owners.
Frederick M. Quayle - Senator Quayle voted for this bill in committee but has voted against it in the past. If you live in his district you need to call him and email him now.
W. Roscoe Reynolds
Frank M. Ruff, Jr.
Ralph K. Smith
Kenneth W. Stolle
Walter A. Stosch
Richard H. Stuart
Jill Holtzman Vogel
Frank W. Wagner
William C. Wampler, Jr.
John C. Watkins - Watkins has voted for this bill in the past so if you live in his district, email and call him and urge him to stand up for law abiding gun owners.

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