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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update: Crime Commisson Puts Off Decision on Gun Show Legislation

The Virginia State Crime Commission put off a decision on whether to recommend legislation closing the so-called gun-show loophole, but said it will make a decision before the General Assembly meets in January. Proponents of a law requiring a background check before a sale by a private individual can be completed at gun shows, pleaded with the commission today to support legislation to require background checks. Pro-rights speakers asked commission members not to confuse the issue with the tragedy at Virginia Tech where the shooter did not purchase his guns from private a private seller and did not buy them at gun shows. Some family members of victims of the Virginia Tech shooting accused Del. David Albo, the chairman of the commission, of putting off a vote to protect other Republicans on the committee who do not support changing the law.

Contact commission members and let them know you oppose any legislation aimed at requiring background checks on private sales and that you oppose any legislation that sets an arbitrary number of guns sold to determine if someone is a dealer. Such legislation was suggested at the September 9th crime commission meeting as an alternative to background checks on private sales. You can find contact information for commission members here.

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