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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spotsylvania Board Considers Repealing CHP Fingerprinting

Tonight, the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors (BOS) will consider an amendment to repeal the requirement that CHP applicants be fingerprinted when applying for a concealed handgun permit. BOS staff states that the majority of the fee the County can charge by statute is paid to the FBI for examination of the fingerprints. In addition, staff supports the repeal of the requirement because this ordinance has not prevented anyone from acquiring a concealed handgun permit. BOS staff also reports that the County will save money by not having to pay a deputy two Saturdays a month to do fingerprints.

The Board will vote on the proposal after the public hearing. Gun owners in Spotsylvania should plan to attend the meeting and voice support for the proposal. You can see details of the proposal here and here.

The meeting will be held at the Richard E. Holbert Building, 9104 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania, VA.

Hat tip to VA-Alert

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