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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Down Side of Those Firearms Sales Numbers

Jim Shepherd over at The Shooting Wire has a good article on what could be called "the rest of the story" on those increasing firearm sales we have all heard about over the last month. While the high capacity pistols and AR-style firearms have been flying off the shelf, the standard hunting firearm has been collecting dust according to Shepherd's sources. In short, as Shepherd puts it "if you are dependent on hunting you are hurting."

Shepherd also talks about the other cloud on the horizon - the attack on lead ammo. It's a good read and can be found here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with the gun dealers who've seen sales of hunting items drop, but that's nothing more than a fact of business cycles.

The market is shifting away from hunting and towards self defense, target and recreational shooting. Businesses can either shift with the market, or fold.

That's the way business works.

Besides, I'm growing very tired of the dealers/shooters who focus on hunting throwing the rest of the shooting community under the bus at every opportunity.

I'm not a hunter. I'm a target shooter, a self-defense advocate and a recreational shooter.

I like utility rifles (what some would incorrectly call "assault weapons") and semi-auto pistols. Those are what I shoot more than anything else. I'm not a terrorist, I'm not a criminal, I'm not a bad buy and I, frankly, don't give a damn whether some "sportsman" thinks I "need" my chosen style of firearm or not.

I am an activist and work to protect ALL shooter's rights. Until the "sportsmen" figure this out and start working to protect my rights as well as their own, we are much weaker than we should to be.

And when they come to take the hunter's "hyper-accurate sniper rifle" because they don't "need" anything other than a shotgun or muzzle loader for hunting, I won't be there to help because I'll already be disarmed...or dead.