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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prince William Overwhelmingly Approves Woodbridge Shooting Range

Gun owners packed the Board room last night to support The Shooters Range that is proposed to fill a vacant Giant food store in Woodbridge. After about an hour and a half public hearing, which included testimony by the range owner's attorney, the range owner, one anti-range speaker and a host of pro-range speakers, the Board voted 7-1 in favor of approval.

Of special note was Supervisor Maureen Caddigan who represents the Dumfries District. She sited the fact that a Police Substation is proposed for a portion of the range property as a positive aspect of the proposal and the fact that besides being open to the public, it would also train federal and local law enforcement as well as ordinary citizens. She even asked if there would be a ribbon cutting so she can attend.

Another supervisor said that this time next year, he fully expects the number of 911 calls for the area (there are 600 to date) will have decreased. Another supervisor corrected a speaker who said the Second Amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms. The supervisor said "God gave us the right and the Second Amendment protects it."

Woodbridge District Supervisor Frank J. Principi was the lone no vote. He sited the fact that there is a known gang presence in the area as one reason he could not support the proposal. In fact, the range owner as part of the proposal is going to remove the gang graffiti from the building.

Prince William County gun owners should contact their supervisors and think them for supporting the range and those who are represented by Mr. Principi should express their disappointment at his no vote.


Pourshot said...

A couple of notes:

It is not going into the vacant Giant food store. It is going NEXT to the vacant Giant food store in a two story building attached to the North side of the strip mall. The lower floor used to be a Health South and the upper used to be an Olympus Gym. I also find it odd that you do not talk about the 50 VCDL members that were there.

Reagan said...

I'm glad to see some common sense has prevailed in at least one community. The leftist illuminati have not taken over yet, it seems!

VA Magoo said...

This is great, but it is now July 2011 (2.5 years later) TODO's has replaced Giant, I havent heard a word about a range. I was interested in trying to open a range across the street in the space behind Denny's.