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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Voter Registration Deadline Approaching Fast

Today is September 4 which means gun owners who want to vote in this year's election but are not yet registered to vote (maybe because you have moved in the past year or for other reasons) have only a little over a month left to register. The deadline for voter registration in Virginia is 29 days prior to the Election, which is October 6.

As I have said previously, this election is critical for gun owners and hunters. There are major differences in the positions held by the candidates in the Presidential race.

For example, Senator John McCain stood up against frivilous lawsuits that attempted to blame gun manufacters and gun dealers for the criminal acts of third parties. Senator Obama, by contrast, voted to let antigun politicians like New York City Mayor Bloomberg file ridiculous lawsuits against the industry. Those lawsuits threatened to bankrupt this firearms industry – and deprive hunters and shooters of our Second Amendment rights.

Consider this and you will see just how important it is that gun owners and hunters get involved now: So far in this presidential election, there has been a two-to-one turnout difference between voters supporting anti-gun candidates, versus voters supporting pro-gun candidates. Hunters and shooters are on the wrong side of two-to-one odds.

Regardless of the Heller decision earlier this summer, the threat to our rights hasn't receded. Here in Virginia anti-gunners in county after county are working to restrict your rights. Elections matter. And it's not just a question of who is sitting in the Oval Office. There are also 35 U.S. Senate races this year, and 435 races for the U.S. House of Representatives. Plus there are thousands of races at the state and local level. The balance of power is up for grabs across the country.

Why let someone else decide who's going to make the rules? Virginia gun owners can click here and register to vote. If you are reading this blog and you don't live in Virginia, click here then click on your state, and fill out the simple form. Print it out, sign it, fold, tape and stamp it. Then drop it in the mail. It will take five minutes. Ask your friends, family and fellow gun owners and hunters to do the same. You can't vote if you aren't registered.

Don't Risk Your Rights. Register to Vote Today.

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