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Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama and the NRA Ads

Senator Barack Obama last week sent "cease and desist" letters to television stations running the NRA ads aimed at debunking Obama's stated support for the Second Amendment. Obama for his part told a group in Jefferson County Ohio last week that hunters and sportsmen had did not have to fear him taking their sporting guns. Today, a group of Missouri Democratic prosecutors and sheriffs have formed a "Truth Squad" to "target anyone who lies or runs a misleading TV ad during the presidential campaign."

Today's Richmond Times Dispatch has a great editorial that explains exactly what the NRA Ads Obama seeks to squash seek to point out. The RTD editors write:

The Democrat seems to have undergone a campaign conversion -- he now claims to have "no intention of taking away folks' guns." But he frequently describes restrictions on gun ownership as "common sense," and his statements supporting gun rights often come with a "but." His record suggests a deep and strongly felt antipathy to gun rights. Rare is the anti-gun measure he has voted against.

He also takes pains to avoid saying he would oppose on principle even the most extreme gun-control proposals. Instead, he says they aren't politically viable. A complete ban on handguns? That is "not politically practicable." Take away the family deer rifle? "Even if I wanted to take it away, I couldn't get it done. I don't have the votes in Congress." Licensing all firearms ownership? "I just don't think we can get that done." He has supported licensing all handgun owners, though, and in 2004 Obama backed national legislation forbidding anyone but law-enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms, even with a license.
One has to wonder if Obama's internal polls in swing states show the the NRA ads are having the intended effect.

Hat tip to the Campaign Spot.

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