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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NRA Ads Hit Obama

The NRA is now running ads in battleground states on cable television stations CMT, CNN, DISC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESX, FXNC, GOLFm HIST, MIL, NFL, Outdoor Channel, Speed, Spike, TBS, TNT, TWC, and Versus that target hunters and veterans. Both ads point out that Obama is no friend of sportsmen and outdoorsmen. The first ad, titled Hunter, features a Virginian Karl Rusch.

The second ad titled Veteran features Rusch's son, former Marine Staff Sgt. Kurt Rusch, who served in Iraq. The younger Rusch takes Obama to task for a position he took as an Illinois State Senator in 2004 to a bill that offered legal protections to those who use firearms in self-defense.

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