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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bob Moates Settles with Bloomberg - Gets NYC to Pay for New Security Equipment

The city of New York announced today that it had reached a settlement in its suit against Bob Moates Sports Shop located in Chesterfield County. Richard Gardiner, Moates' Attorney and former VSSA Board Member, said, "Basically, we're pleased with the outcome. We're getting an upgraded surveillance system at the city's expense."

Unlike other dealers that sued by the city that settled, Bob's will not have an "overseer" that looks over his shoulder every time he sells a firearm. Bob's was the last hold out of the 27 gun shops sued by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Congratulations to Richard Gardiner for his excellent representation of Bob Moates and for getting the City of New York to pay for security upgrades for the gun shop.

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