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Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 1 Means New Laws

On July 1st the legislation that passed the 2008 session of the General Assembly became law. The list of gun related laws follow below.

1) Concealed Handgun Permits (CHPs) can be renewed 90 and 180 days before expiration. The new permit will become effective from the date the old permit expires, giving the permit holder a full five years. If a CHP holder renews after the minimum 90 days, then renewals are like they have been - a holder might lose some days off of the expiring permit.

2) CHP holders who move from one location to another in Virginia can now get a new permit with a change of address for $10 by applying to the Circuit Court where the permit was issued. NOTE: there is no requirement to get a change of address on your permit, but if you want to do so, you now can.

3) The law was clarified regarding the required training to get a CHP. The new law explicitly states that said training never expires.

4) An individual who has a temporary detention order (TDO) no longer immediately loses their gun rights. After the TDO evaluation period, if the individual in question voluntarily commits themselves, they will be warned that by doing so they will lose their gun rights. Otherwise if a judge makes a determination that the person requires treatment on either an inpatient or outpatient basis after the TDO evaluation period, said individual loses their gun rights. Finally, there is now a provision that will allow a person to petition the Court to get their gun rights back once they are cured or were incorrectly diagnosed. If they are turned down by the court, they can appeal to a higher court. VSSA and other gun rights organizations worked hard to insure the last provision was part of the final legislation.

5)There will be additional questions on forms completed at the time of a gun purchase dealing with the new mental health laws.

Gun owners will recall that two major victories for gun owners were defeated by the veto pen of Governor, and possible Obama Vice Presidential pick, Tim Kaine - repeal of the restaurant ban (SB476) and legislation allowing concealed carry in locked containers in vehicles and boats regardless of whether they have a CHP (SB436). VSSA will return to fight these battles next year.


jeephistorian said...

As a gun owner who prefers to be informed with as much equal information as possible, I find it an affront to my intelligence that you would link to McCain's website for his views on gun control, but rather than link to a like page on Obama's site, you instead go to a partisan webpage. A more honest approach would be to link to Obama's .pdf of his plan while also offering two additional links to the NRA's website on each candidate. least if you can find a link that examines McCain's record on the NRA site. Look at this page for more information:

Keep it honest guys! We can't protect our rights if we look like we're underhanded and unfair!

VSSA President said...

Noting on Barrack Obama's web site regarding his views on the Second Amendment matches his record. Linking to it would serve no useful purpose. Everything on the NRA-ILA web Obama site link is accurate and foot noted with the source of the information. It was in the interest of keeping it honest that the ILA information on Obama was used to inform on his Second Amendment record.