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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maybe BB&T and Wachovia Can Learn From This

Customers (and gun owners who refuse to be because of the banks' policy) who bank with BB&T and Wachovia know that both banks post "No Firearms" stickers on their entry doors. There had been a rash of robberies at Richmond area BB&T branches a year or so ago and some in the pro-rights community wondered if it was not just rewards for such an inane policy. I wonder if the higher ups at both banks heard about Nabil Fawzi, a customer of Comerica Bank in Michigan.

Last Monday (June 16th) Fawsi was waiting to conduct some business at a branch in Canton, Michigan, when would-be robber Joseph Webster walked into the bank and handed the bank teller a note, which read, "I have a bomb strapped around my waist. No dye packs."

While one teller was activating the silent alarm and began putting money in a bag, another teller realized what was happening and informed Fawzi, who was the customer she was serving, about the robbery. Fawzi told KSN TV, the local NBC affiliate that he asked the teller if everything was all right and the teller responded they "might be getting robbed.

According to KSN, Police said the Fawzi turned toward Walker, pulled out a concealed handgun and pointed it at the suspect. Fawzi then told Waker he was "not going to rob the bank today" to which Walker responded, "I have a bomb." This did not deter Fawzi who repeated that the bank was not going to be robbed. He then escorted Walker at gun point to a chair where we stayed until the police arrived. Police said Fawzi had a concealed weapons permit and the suspect did not have a bomb. Webster is charged with attempted bank robbery.

Come to think of it, maybe Barack Obama, who does not support concealed carry, can also learn something from this incident.

Kudos to Mr. Fawzi. Hat tip to Cam Edwards and

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C. Ragone said...

So, would you be making the same comment if he actually had a bomb and had activated it? Or would the headline read "Gun-toting bank customer creates disaster"? He took a gamble and it paid off, but the risk he took is not worth the potential risk for a few thousand dollars. I am sure the bank in question does not agree with his actions.