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Friday, June 13, 2008

Greentop Sporting Goods Becomes Second Local Gun Store to be Robbed

Shortly after midnight Thursday night (June 12th), Greentop Sporting Goods became the second locally owned gun shop to be broken into. In April, Dance's Sporting Goods was broken into. The Richmond Times Dispatch reported today that the suspects, wearing dark clothing that covered most of their bodies, smashed into glass cases at the front of the store and stolen 34 semi-automatic handguns of various calibers. They were caught on the store's video tape system.

The RTD reported that deputies arrived three minutes after the alarm went off, but the thieves were already gone.

Photo courtesy of Hanover County Sheriff's Office

The handguns stolen were taken from locked glass cases in the front of the store, which were broken by the suspects involved in this case. The guns stolen were .357, .380, .40, .44, .45, and .50 caliber semi-automatic weapons. After a review of the security video provided by Green Top officials, the suspects (shown below) involved in this case were wearing clothing that concealed most areas of their bodies, which makes it more difficult to provide an accurate suspect description in this case.

On April 19th, local CBS affiliate WTVR reported that surveillance tape caught two masked individuals taking 30 guns in just over a minute in the Dance's break-in.

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