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Monday, April 7, 2008

Obama Against Concealed Carry

So, while Obama is reaching out to gun owners in PA and using NRA "A" rated Democratic elected officials in the state to do so, he tells the Pittsburgh Tribune that he is "not in favor of concealed weapons. I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations."'s Amanda Carpenter writes that this new emphasis on gun control may be prompted by Philadelphia-based Democratic leaders who are pressuring Clinton and Obama to adopt harder stances on gun control. This issue is expected to come up in ABC News’ Democratic debate on April 16 in Philadelphia, which happens to be the one year anniversary of the shooting of 32 students at Virginia Tech.

A close look at Obama's Illinois legislative voting record shows that he has long backed gun-control measures, including a ban on semiautomatic weapons and concealed weapons, and a limit on handgun purchases to one a month. He has declined to take a stance on the legality of the handgun prohibition in Washington, D.C., which the U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing, although Obama has voiced support for the right of state and local governments to regulate guns. Obama also failed to sign on to the Congressional amicus brief supporting Richard Heller which 55 of his senate colleagues and 250 congressmen signed.

The only pro-gun vote he has cast in the Senate was for the Vitter Amendment in July 2006 which prohibits the confiscation of firearms during an emergency or natural disaster. Clinton was one of 16 senators to oppose the amendment.

A two-page white paper on Obama’s website doesn’t mention his voting record. Instead, he introduces himself as a former constitutional law professor who “believes the Second Amendment creates an individual right, and he greatly respects the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms.”

“He will protect the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans to purchase, own, transport, and use guns for the purposes of hunting and target shooting,” the paper states.

It also states “He also believes that the right is subject to reasonable and common sense regulation.”

Melody Zullinger, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen's
Clubs who received the Obama campaign e-mail on his gun record, said Obama sounds
Obama aims for pro-gun vote - like he is “speaking out of both sides of his mouth.”

I agree.

Get more on Obama's record here.

Hat tip to Cam Edwards for the Obama/concealed carry news.

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