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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Astro-turf Gun Group Endorses Obama

On Wednesday, the astro-turf gun group known as American Hunters and Shooters Association endorsed Presidential Candidate Barrack Obama saying "he gets it" when it comes to gun rights. This is the same candidate who just last weekend told high dollar donors at a San Francisco fundraiser that middle America "clings" to its guns.

AHSA President Ray Schoenke said that claims about Obama's earlier comments proving he takes an elitist view of gun ownership are "patently ridiculous." He sited the fact that Obama supported the "Vitter Amendment" baring use of government funds to confiscate firearms during a natural disaster as proof that the candidate supports gun rights.

Hillary Clinton's campaign was ready with a list of Obama's past positions on gun control and asked whether AHSA had considered those positions when making their endorsement decision. She especially pointed out Obama's past support for a total ban on the manufacture and ownership of handguns. Obama claims the questionnaire from which that talking point is taken was not filled out by him but by a staffer that totally misrepresented his position. Never mind the fact that the Politico did an investigation of the survey in question and published a copy of an amended version of the questionnaire, which appears to contain Obama’s own handwritten notes added to one answer putting into question the claim that he never saw it.

ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson mentioned the questionnaire last night during the debate in Philadelphia , and once again, Obama said he wasn't the one who filled it out.

But, consider this, Illinois resident Hale DeMar was prosecuted by the town of Wilmette for using a handgun to defend his home in 2003. Wilmette had imposed a ban on the possession of handguns, in effect making the town a gun-free zone. To correct the situation, several Illinois state legislators introduced SB 2165 (known as the Wilmette bill) to protect the right of self-defense for residents like DeMar. Obama voted against the bill. That self-defense bill protecting the right to bear arms for law-abiding citizens such as DeMar passed the Illinois state Senate and was enacted into law over the governor's veto. Obama voted against the bill.

Given his stated position that he opposes concealed carry, it appears if he does not oppose the possession of handguns, he certainly opposes the use of them.

Hat tip to Jim Geraghty.


Paul said...

Please see the attached video link

As a Virginia Gun Owner I feel that fellow gun owners should be aware that Earl
Curtis owner of Blue Ridge Arsenal was recently on a TV news segment about gun
sales going up (GREAT) where he said he voted for "Obama" (BAD).

As an American I believe that you should be free to vote for who ever you want
and even tell others about it. But I do have a problem with Earl as a business
man making political statements "as he is free to do" especially when he profits
at the expense of our freedoms.

I am personally revolted by the his actions! I too have freedoms and among them
are to tell others what he has done and how I feel about it. I am free to not
give him my business and to suggest to others that they not either. People like
Earl need to learn that there is a separation between their privet life and
their business life and that making such comments on TV have a huge Impact on
other peoples lives. It is also a slap in the face to people who have given him
business over the years an
d I can't believe he is ignorant to others feelings on this subject. Last of all
I am free to give him a piece of my mind.

I again want to stress that I fully support his rights and even the right to say
what he wants on TV. Heck the other choice in this last election did not have a
great record either on this subject but Earl needs to understand the damage it
does to the second amendment movement that it is wrong he profits from it.
Perhaps he should contact the Obama Transition Team and ask them what guns they
would like him to voluntarily to stop selling (THEIR EVIL GUN LIST) remember he
supports them and there
policies! I think he would be out of business in a week.


Paul Sheehan
VCDL Member

Paul said...

The following is a response to my email from Blue Ridge Arsenal and my response to them. I consider the matter closed but even though they say it was a stunt CBS pulled (and I do believe them) I still hold that we are all responsible for our actions.

Their response:

Dear Mr. Sheehan,

Thank you for your email.  We understand your feelings and we are very sorry you had to write the email you did.  We too were very surprised at the CBS story.  Earl was told that the camera was no longer recording when the reporter asked that question and he felt free to give his personal response.  Needless to say, he was shocked to see the final cut of the interview.

Earl and I are very sensitive to the political feelings of others, thus you will never see political flyers, leaflets, signs, billboards (as the type that was observed at Clark Brothers (McCain/Palin signs and "Obama - what are you hiding?) out front of this store.  We assume that as long as you were a McCain supporter you are allowed to voice your opinion out in the open.  We feel as business owners that our personal opinions are just that - personal, it was not meant for broadcasting to the nation.  We welcome any and all people at our range and enjoy the diversity of people that frequent our range.   We believe that this is what America is all about. 

We are not of the belief that anyone coming into office in the current economic environment would be foolish enough to focus on gun ownership and gun control.  We will fight anyone who tries to curtail the 2nd Amendment, why on earth do you think we purchased a gun store and gun range 6 years ago?  To put it out of business?

We believe in everyone's right to own and carry firearms and we provide firearms, range time and training to support that goal.  That has been our business for the last 6 years and it will continue to be our business in the future.  We are sorry for any concern this interview has caused our customers and apologize to everyone who was offended by this statement.

Earl and Deborah Curtis

Owners - Blue Ridge Arsenal

My email back:

I thank you for your response and I find it very considerate of you. These things are often meet with hostility and you decided to meet it with understanding and compassion. I will be sure to forward the following and your response to all that have received my prior email. I personally thank you.

I do want to take the time to clarify a few points though. You assumed I voted for McCain and that may or may not be the case. I found both candidates to have despicable records on the 2nd amendment. What I would not do is speak as a gun advocate in defense of either candidate. Sadly we were not give much of a choice. Personally I can assure you I am as about far to the left as someone can go. Anti War, Pro Choice, National Health Care and all the trimmings. When it comes to the right to any person
defending themselves and exercising their rights I make no apologies.

As far as Obama being foolish enough to push gun control I would point out that in the first 72 hours after he was elected he put up on his site ( his plan for doing just that. I found it odd that he did not address the economy first but went after guns. He is staffing his cabinet with people who wrote and enacted the (Clinton Gun Ban) so yes he does appear to be that foolish. I take him at his word! Sadly this is a case where he is either a lier, telling his supporters he will pass new gun restrictions or he is not a liar and will do everything he can to make it happen. I fully appreciate your attitude on not getting political on your store front with endorsements. On the other side when it comes to supporting pro gun legislation I hope you give it all you can.

I am sorry that you were deceived by CBS it was wrong for them to do that. It should not have happened to you. I take great pride when people ask me who I voted for in saying, we enjoy in this country the right and security of of a free and secrete ballot and I don't see any reason to violate the sanctity of that trust by saying who I voted for. I pull that crap at least when I don't trust the person asking the question or I don't want to lend credence to the sad choice I had to pick from. :)

Last I would like to say Obama won't take our guns or pass new restrictions " If we don't let him"! May you and yours be well and I hope you have a great holiday seasons and I will see you all at the next Chantilly Show.

From Paul Sheehan