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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

60th Annual Shad Planking

Today is the 6oth Annual Shad Planking in Wakefield, Virginia. Originally an all white, all male, all Democrat event, it is now the place to be for anyone who wants to talk politics in Virginia while enjoying a variety of beverages provided by the candidates and other groups, fried shad roe provided by the Wakefield Ruritan Club, and a plate of Shad, cold claw, and hush puppies.

All three of the candidates running for U.S. Senate will be at the event today and speak. They will also be there to talk to the gathered about what they will do as Virginia's next U.S. Senator.

I'll fill you in tomorrow on the day's events.

Also, on a more solemn note, today also marks the anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech. Our continued prayers for healing are with the injured and the families of those killed by Cho.

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