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Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings

The Northern Virginia Daily reported this morning that Senator Jill Vogel (R-Upperville) said Wednesday she intends to use a rarely invoked procedure on the floor today to bring the override of vetoed SB 436 back for one more try.

SB 436 initially passed the Senate 31-9, more than enough votes to overcome a veto. But as I posted yesterday, six Democrats changed their mind and voted against the measure on Wednesday. Vogel believes the Governor put pressure on Democrats in the Senate to change their earlier position in support of this bill.

Kaine said the measure was a danger to law enforcement officers. What he did not explain is how exactly are law abiding gun owners who choose to take advantage of the change in the law a threat to law enforcement. Criminals don't obey the law and will continue to hide their guns - the difference be they won't be in locked containers.

The leopard has begun showing its spots when it comes to Kaine and gun owner rights. While he has signed pro-gun legislation, he continues to veto legislation that expands the rights of citizens to protect themselves and their families. He clearly has an elitist view of the Second Amendment. For proof, we need only go back as far as January when he disagreed with Attorney Bob McDonnell's joining the amicus brief of 30 other AGs in support of Richard Heller in the D.C. gun ban case.

Kaine is no friend of gun owners or the right to self defense.

Update: The Washington Times this morning, reporting on the D.C. Gun Ban case and the number of groups that have weighed in had this tidbit:

A spokesman for Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, a Democrat, said Mr. Kaine supports Second Amendment rights but that they are "subject to reasonable regulation."

"He has not gone that far" to say that he does not want to see the ban overturned, Kaine spokesman Gordon Hickey said. "He is not the governor of D.C."
This begs the question, does a complete ban on guns (handguns are completely banned in D.C. and log guns must be registered and lock or disassembled with ammo stored separately - effectively making them all but banned) equal "reasonable regulation"?

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