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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Astroturf Gun Group Unmasked

Most gun rights activists have probably heard of the American Hunter's and Shooters Association (AHSA). I mentioned them in my post yesterday about Obama's double speak. Well, AHSA's President, Ray Schoenke, is pretty good at it himself. See, he seems to have a personal grudge against the NRA and it's leadership. You would think that a group that claims to be pro Second Amendment would spend more time attacking the antis than other gun rights organizations. But, I guess that is kind of hard to do when you have well known turncoat Bob Ricker on your staff. Ricker you may recall used to be a gun lobbyist. Like many lobbyists, he doesn't care about the issue as long as he gets paid. The gun banners now pay him.

Anyway, Shoenke has posted a new video on the organization's web site and sent out an email recently to subscribers (I get it so I can keep up with what the other side is doing) and he spends most of his time in both trashing the NRA. Problem is, as with most other anti-gun types, he can't seem to get his facts straight. I was going to post my response to each of the errors but the good folks over at the Bitch Girls blog have beat me to it and they have done a fine job as well. You can read it here.

Beware of the Astroturf gun rights groups. They will sell us out the first chance they get. Hat tip to NRA-ILA's Grassroots Alert for the Bitch Girls post.

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