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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SB 476 Passes Senate

SB 476 passed the State Senate today by a margin of 24 - 15. This was after a motion to rerefer the bill to Senate Courts failed on a vote of 16-23. SB476 would permit restaurant owners to decide for themselves whether or not concealed carry permit holders can carry a concealed firearm in a restaurant, provided the permit holder does not consume alcohol. This is a huge victory for gun owners and self defense as it is the first time the bill has made it out of the Senate. It now moves to the House where it has met a more friendly reception in the past. Gun owners will still need to be ready to go in to action to see the bill signed into law as it was three votes short of a veto proof margin.

Please be sure to thank those senators who supported your right to self defense and voted to pass SB476.

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