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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Senate Local Government Stands Up For Law-Abiding Gun Owners

The Senate Local Government Committee met today and heard three bills targeting Virginia's firearms preemption statute. Senate Bill 32 sponsored by Senator Mamie Locke (D-2), would allow localities to prohibit possession of firearms in public libraries. Senate Bill 33, also sponsored by Senator Locke, would allow localities to prohibit possession of firearms at outdoor events, such as fairs and carnivals. Senate Bill 300, introduced by Senator Mary Margaret Whipple (D-31), which would authorize any locality to ban the possession of firearms in government buildings. All three bills went down in flames on a vote of 5-10. The following Senators vote to support Virginia's law-abiding gun owners:

Senator Frederick M. Quayle (R-13) (804) 698-7513
Senator Stephen H. Martin (R-11) (804) 698-7511
Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. (R-24) (804) 698-7524
Senator W. Roscoe Reynolds (D-20) (804) 698-7520
Senator Frank M. Ruff (R-15) (804) 698-7515
Senator Ken T. Cuccinelli (R-37) (804) 698-7537
Senator Mark D. Obenshain (R-26) (804) 698-7526
Senator Mark R. Herring (D-33) (804) 698-7533
Senator Ralph K. Smith (R-22) (804) 698-7522
Senator Richard H. Stuart (R-28) (804) 698-7528

Please be sure to call or email these Senators and thank them for standing up for your rights.

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